CAD services


With the powerful servers and the latest CAD softwares, we can  always ensure maximum efficiency in designing, flexibility in carrying out the process of projects. Our goal is to provide you with professional and efficient CAD services.


Our team of experienced experts, engineers have a good knowledge of the latest technical standards, technologies and modern production methods to be able to offer  customers  a wide range of services in the fastest  way with the competitive costs.


Mechanical design


Our design team have a wide of knowledge of  heavy engineering industries such as industrial machinery, industrial chains, piping systems ... to molds, sheet metal fabrication, ... We have many experiences in designing specialized machinery and mechanical equipment projects: machine tools, packaging machines...

Construction truck                      Connecting box for power generator

Process industrial design


We have invested and developed specifically designed modules for each specific industry in order to achieve maximum efficiency and complete the project on time. We have designed many projects successfully, from the production chains to the wastewater treatment system.


We help customers design of systems following:


- Factory


- Heating and ventilation


- Piping system


- Water treatment system


- Heat exchanger system

Plant design                     Piping-Duct design                     Plant design



We have successfully supported customers in many different projects:  from the design drawing to the working drawing, from the staircase to cable tray systems of nuclear power plants.


Cable tray systems for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants


- Steel structure


- Parking garage


- Steel frame


- Staircase


- Warehouse


- Balustrade


- Facades

Frame and cable tray in power plant

Steel frame

Plumbing system in a chemical plant                Plumbing system in a LNG plant

Cable tray system in a power plant           Cable tray system in an industrial plant