Product Design

We provide not only a full package of engineering design but also individual services for any step of the process. Furthermore, we also support customers from the very beginning idea to the finished product, carrying out design project from detail to general.


Our engineering design service includes the following stages:


Forming and developing ideas


To form an idea, we have to comprehend the issue, customer’s demand and the existing products in the current market. The brain-storming process allow us to think of any possible ideas and based on our knowledge and experience, we can offer a list of most appropriate ideas and then analyze the pros and cons of these ideas for customers to select.


Prototyping Products


In case customers have a precise idea of the product, we will provide the techniques to to develop the ideas of customer. Firstly, we will provide the preliminary CAD design of the ideas. The selected design will be optimized to fulfil the specification, to be easily produced and to satisfy the need of appearance. Our aim is to create a detailed design that can satisfy customer’s demand and can be commercialized.


Computer-aided design (CAD)


We think that it is difficult to create perfectly a product without the support of CAD. We have a team of experienced engineers in CAD design, proficient in handling sophisticated surfaces and skills of other professional applications. We also provide engineering design services using CAD related applications


Analysis with finite element method (FEM)


With finite element method (FEM), we will create models or use models created by CAD to analyze material, strength.etc of the product based on international standards or standard required by customer. With our knowledge of structure, fluid and optimization, we will analyze the design and use simulation’s results to detect possible defects in designing that can lead to the low performance of product or product will be damaged by the load. With the support of FEM softwares, we will optimize the design, help customer to produce more economically.




We can help customer to convert successfully the production from computer’s model to the production line. We can help customer find the manufacturer, provide necessary documents for production and necessary checklists to control the quality so that the product will be produced exactly according to the design.


Project management


A successful project requires not only the project manager to keep the general principles but he also has to be versatile and active. We can provide ideas only or provide service of project management so that customer can be relieved and concentrate on the important decisions. Our management process help customers to predict and handle all possible obstacles, launching the product into the market on time.